How Technology Is Bridging the Gap for Construction During a Pandemic

The challenges of building in the midst of a global pandemic has brought significant challenges to our industry. Austin’s busy market, home owners, and our entire industry of architects, interior designers, subcontractors, vendors and suppliers have been profoundly impacted by the need to adapt.

At R Builders, one of our strengths has been the strong communication infrastructure upon which the company is built. We’ve found that while the new requirements have required that we pivot and implement new safety measures, the communication platforms we rely on have become even more useful and efficient.

Technology has become much more central to the work. Because we have been using our proprietary communication platform, as well as internal project management and video conferencing, we’ve found that our early adoption of this technology has made this pandemic-driven pivot one we have made with more ease than we had imagined.

Our process and team specialization has also proven to be resilient as we continue respond, adapt and prepare to the changes within our local market. It also probably doesn’t hurt that Austin is a technology town. Our architects and interior designers, as well as our homeowners are pretty tech savvy. When we are all on the same page communicating within the efficiencies of a fully-transparent platform where everyone has visibility of progress, events, and Q&A in real time, the project wins.

The extra safety measures that R Builders implements does not interrupt this communication flow. Rather, we are doing everything that we can to help lead an industry in safety compliance. We take the safety of our clients, our designers, our team and everyone who sets foot on the project very seriously.

While we are hoping that this challenging time is coming to an end, we are grateful that we have the powerful tools in place to keep the job moving, keep the communication clear and constant, and do our best to keep building the dream for our clients.

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